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Chestnut Hill Sound - George - The Utimate iPod Docking Station - A joint collaboration between New West and CHS, George is simply the best and most advanced iPod dock ever made. Three power amplifiers and 5 drivers produce bone-shaking bass and crystal clear highs at any volume. The radio tuner is continuous through AM and FM bands, and there are 4 different alarm clocks.  The advanced remote control allows you to take FULL control of George and your iPod, including song lists, to any place in the room.

Cardio Theater - Personal Viewing System -  These high-resolution LCD TVs are installed on bikes and treadmills in the top Health Clubs, giving members a choice of public and private cable programs to watch during lengthy workouts. A wired control panel also contains a headphone jack for personal audio.   

SPECTRUM RESEARCH  - Unsound Advice Interactive Talking Characters - An original  New West concept developed jointly with Spectrum Research, the Unsound Advice crew actually respond to your voice as you ask them questions. Each character generates more than 100 random responses guaranteed to bring hilarity to any gathering!

Madame Seemore sees all and knows all and can tell you all you need to know about luck, love and the future!  Her crystal ball flashes while she talks.

Q: Madame Seemore, will we win the lottery this week?  A: The spirits say - Don't count on it!

Dr.Fullbright listens to your complaints and problems and offers sage comments. You can chat with him for hours and save a fortune on your therapy bill!

Q: Dr. Fullbright, I had a really rough day at work today. A: I understand - how does that make you feel?

Buddy Kool is the office know-it-all. He is happy to dispense all kinds of business advice and gossip!

Q: Hey Buddy - Do you think we will win the Johnson Contract?   A: The word on the street is - It can't miss!

PhoneBites - Mirror / Light - For cell phones with interchangeable case parts - A case back with integrated mirror and light for the ladies. The light is powered by the phone battery.  It is also available without the mirror to hold keys or extra cash, etc.