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Every one of the countless new products that appear on the market each year has gone through some or all of the development process. Some are successful, and some are not. Quite often the products that have failed could have succeeded if they had been properly developed, but instead they were rushed to market without proper preparation. Our many years of experience in this area can help you avoid the countless pitfalls and ensure the best chances of success for your new product.


Product Evaluation - Feasibility, Manufacturability and Marketability - Is this a product that will appeal to a large part of the market? Does the technology currently exist to make it? Can it be made at a reasonable cost?

Patent and Patentability Study - Does a similar patented product already exist? Is your idea protectable without conflicts?  Is it worth going through the Patent process?

Project Management - Once it is 
determined that a product is ready for
development,  New West will lay out the product plan, schedule and budget, and
begin sourcing and selecting the resources for the project.

Design and Prototyping - A new product must be designed so that it is easy to manufacture and use as well as to be attractive. New West's design team uses the latest 3D rendering and design software to provide stunning product concepts that can quickly be turned into mockups and final product tooling. The design team can also produce the graphics for the product packaging and all support literature.

Vendor Sourcing, Review and Selection - New West will direct the manufacturing of your product to a vendor that is properly suited for your product, matching the vendor's experience, size and capabilities with the new product's requirements. New West personnel spend several months each year in Asia, with much of that time reviewing potential vendors.

Quality Control - New West will work with you and the vendor to establish the QC guidelines for your new product.

Our China office, Xin Xi Trading, can also arrange pre-shipment audit and AQL inspection as well as in-factory, on-line supervision during the product run.

Importing Assistance - Our support staff will lead you through the maze of international shipping arrangements and US Customs requirements, and assist in the final delivery to your warehouse.

Product Marketing Support - Once your new product has been developed and manufactured, our marketing associates can provide assistance in reaching domestic and international sales channels, with direct access to dealers and distributors in more than 50 countries around the globe.